How to Tell it’s Time for a Dentist to Check for Cavities

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We see quite a few cases of cavities coming through the doors to be treated by Dr. Bart Deering. The majority of these instances are easy to diagnose as cavities, but sometimes figuring out if a tooth has a cavity can be difficult for our patients. We’d like to talk with you about two common symptoms of cavities and what to do if you have them.

Aching Teeth

If a tooth has been causing you a lot of pain for a significant period of time and also has a dull aching feel in addition to sharp bursts of pain, you most likely have a cavity you need to get checked out. These type of cases typically happen if it’s been awhile since the patient has come in for a regular cleaning and can be easily treated with a filling. However, you will need to schedule your treatment soon for a filling to be effective!

Pain while Biting Down

If eating and chewing causes your teeth pain, this could also be a sign you have the beginnings of a cavity. Though this cavity hasn’t developed into a more painful kind that causes the tooth constant pain, it is important you get it treated to keep it from getting to that point. If you have a newer cavity, please schedule an appointment with your dentist!

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