A Step-By-Step Process of Placing Your Dental Bridge

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We may recommend a dental bridge if you have lost a tooth or several and need tooth replacement treatment. We invite you to learn the process of placing a dental bridge to help you determine if a bridge is right for you.

The process of attaching a dental bridge is fairly simple and straightforward. Depending on the equipment used, it might require two separate visits to Bart Deering DDS.

During your first visit, Dr. Bart Deering will prepare the two neighboring teeth by trimming the enamel layers so that there is sufficient space to place the dental crowns of the bridge over the teeth. We will then make impressions of the reformed teeth, which are known as abutments, and the surrounding teeth so that we can send an accurate model to a professional dental lab. While waiting for your bridge to be created, your dentist will place temporary crowns over the abutments to improve the function of your mouth in the meantime.

At your second visit, our dentist will remove the temporary crowns and ensure that the feel and function of your new dental bridge is to your liking. As long as the bridge fits well in your mouth and feels right, we will cement it in place, and you can leave our office with a full smile.

For more information about our dental bridges in Rowlett, Texas, please feel free to call Bart Deering DDS at 972-271-4545 today. We would be delighted to speak with you!