Chipped Teeth Can Contribute to Tooth Sensitivity Problems

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Many patients dealing with chronic tooth sensitivity have some degree of tooth enamel erosion, which is often linked to inconsistent oral hygiene habits and the frequent consumption of acidic beverages. At the same time teeth suffering from demineralized enamel are at increased risk of suffering from cavities, distressed dental fillings and other dental health problems.

As the mineral density of the tooth enamel decreases the affected teeth can be at increased risk for suffering dental fractures. In some of these cases individuals who grind their teeth while sleeping might experience chips on multiple teeth.

If you have been struggling with tooth sensitivity and related dental health problems, you should strongly consider setting up an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Bart Deering. After a comprehensive examination to determine the overall health of your teeth he will be able to present you with an effective treatment plan.

In many of these cases chipped teeth and small active cavities can be treated by having him apply a simple dental filling. Once the specific material has been bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel it will seal the area against further influence, while also restoring the tooth’s structural integrity.
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