Dental Sealants: The Benefits

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Do you brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly? Do you still find yourself wondering if there might be anything else you could do to keep your teeth, or your child’s teeth, healthier? If so, we have good news for you: there are a number of treatments you could consider, such as dental sealants. This useful option can help you or your children prevent tooth decay and its negative effects.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop brushing and flossing just because you have a dental sealant placed. Sealants are actually made out of a clear synthetic plastic material. While sealants can help you avoid cavities, caring for your teeth is also important. You see, dental sealants are a coating that’s placed on the chewing surfaces of your pearly whites.

While sealants can be placed on any tooth, they’re especially useful for your back teeth. You see, because your molars are usually pitted, they’ll harbor bad bacteria. This can actually leave these teeth more susceptible to decay than other areas. Placing a sealant over your tooth can also help you protect your teeth from these bad bacteria. If you care for your sealant properly, it can last for years and protect your teeth from tooth decay.

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