How a Tongue Scraper Can Benefit Your Oral Health

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Because the mouth contains millions of bacteria which can promote tooth decay and gum disease, it is a good idea to remove this residue daily as part of your oral hygiene routine. Of course, brushing and flossing work for removing bacterial plaque on the teeth and around the gumline, but your tongue can also harbor bacteria.

This means cleaning away the bacteria build up on your tongue can protect your smile and your oral health. Many people employ the assistance of a tongue scraper for this purpose. Let’s take a look! Tongue scrapers can effectively do the following:

— They can help you prevent bad breath. It’s true! Clearing away oral bacteria from the tongue using a tongue scraper actually freshens your breath.

— By removing bacteria, they can allow you to taste the full flavors of your food again. Why is that? The mucus and other debris which collects on the tongue actually block your taste buds from their job, and this means you won’t fully be able to taste your food. Scraping away this oral residue allows your taste buds to function fully.

— They can improve not just your oral health, but your overall health as well. By removing this oral bacterial debris on your tongue every day, your body isn’t absorbing the toxins from the bacteria and your teeth will remain free from those germs that can contribute to tooth decay. And your immune system also benefits since you are also removing the bacteria that contributes to gum disease, plaque buildup, and tooth decay.

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