Say No to Cavities

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When you hear your dentist say that you have a cavity, you’re likely never happy to hear about it. However, there are ways to avoid hearing that phrase on your next visit. The tips are simple, but they’re effective and have proven themselves so. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can easily stop cavities from forming.

Establish a routine

The best thing you can do in your fight against cavities is to establish a routine for your oral health. Ensuring that you brush, floss, and use mouthwash at the same time every day will make the process a habit. And since habits are hard to break, once you’ve developed this one, you’re all but guaranteed to have stellar oral health.

Visit the dentist regularly

You can’t skip out on your appointments here at Bart Deering DDS in Rowlett, Texas. They’re critical in finding potential areas of decay that could become a cavity if not treated immediately. Often, the beginnings of a cavity can’t be seen or felt except for through X-ray or careful examination by a dental professional, like those on our team.

Visiting Dr. Bart Deering regularly can help you avoid cavities and get more tips on how to help your mouth say no to cavities. If you’re ready to say no, call us today at 972-271-4545 to schedule an appointment.