The Benefits of Bi-Annual Teeth Cleanings

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Do you ever wonder if there’s anything you can do to improve your oral health? You probably know that brushing and flossing are important, but did you know that visiting your dentist twice a year is also extremely important? Did you know that these appointments are actually quite important and that skipping these appointments could have major consequences?

You may know that our team will inspect your mouth for signs of trouble during these appointments, but did you know these cleanings are important since you won’t be able to remove tartar on your own. Of course, we’ll also inspect your mouth for serious problems, which could give you a chance to address these problems before they become too serious.

For example, we’ll look for signs of gum disease during your treatment. You see, many individuals might have gum disease without knowing about the issue. Unfortunately, these problems can be hard to spot, but our team is trained to do so. We’ll also check your teeth for signs of oral cancer, which could include a discolored spot inside your mouth. A lump can also be an indicator of oral cancer.

We’ll also be happy to inspect your teeth, searching for signs of decay. While tooth decay may not seem like a common problem, did you know that nearly 50% of adults actually have it? This can be a problem because tooth decay can lead to serious problems, such as root canal therapy or tooth extractions. In fact, if these issues aren’t addressed, your teeth could ultimately die.

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