What Are Some Risks for Gum Disease?

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What Are Some Risks for Gum Disease?

What can increase your risk of gum disease? Actually, there are quite a few things. We cannot mention them all, but we can tell you about some of the basic ones to help you avoid gum disease and stay healthy.

Before we get too far, what exactly causes the disease? The answer is plaque. Plaque consists of bacteria that have banded together into a filmy residue. As such, the bacteria in plaque can infect your gum tissue if they are not removed. The following things can aid the bacteria in their efforts to get into your gum tissue.

– Not brushing and flossing regularly. One major purpose for brushing and flossing is to get rid of plaque. If you forget to do them, plaque can thrive.

– Not going to the dentist. Some plaque can be missed even with the most skilled brushing and flossing, but the dentist can clean that remainder off for you. If you do not visit the dentist regularly or at all, your risk goes up.

– Insufficient Vitamin C. Your immune system loves and needs Vitamin C. If you do not provide it with enough, it may not be strong enough to battle gum disease.

– Smoking. The things inside cigarette smoke can make your immune system weaker and can also weaken your gum tissue. Bacteria can take advantage of this opportunity.

– Teeth that crowded together or misaligned. These conditions can make your efforts to brush and floss more difficult and keep you from reaching all the needed areas. They can be straightened and more properly adjusted with the help of orthodontics, which can give you access to the areas that need cleaning.

You can decrease your risk of gum disease by taking care of these things. If you need a little help with gum disease or another issue, you can come visit our doctor, Dr. Bart Deering. You can find him at our office in Rowlett, Texas. You can call 972-271-4545 for more information and to set up an appointment.